A Love Letter to Yourself

Hey Love,
I know it seems like anything and everything is going wrong right now,
But trust me, you'll get through it.
You'll meet a lot of awful people in all the wrong places that might make you lose faith in humanity.
But trust me, there are still good people out there.
Everyone is going through their own battles within themselves.
It's nothing personal against you. 
Remember that nothing is permanent.
This is only right now.
You are in the healing process and taking the steps needed to get better.
Don't you forget about all your progress so far!
Take a look back for a second, would you?
You are now able to recognize your emotions as they are happening.
Maybe you can't necessarily control them, but self-awareness is a start.
Try not to let people have that control over you.
Remember to say no, so that you can say yes to what makes your heart sing.
Practice gratitude and mindfulness.
And when you do need to cry, don't even hold back.
Let it flow, let yourself feel, and then allow yourself to process those emotions.
It's how you work best and there's nothing wrong with that.
You have a beautiful heart, so don't ever be afraid to show it.
You wouldn't suppress a great love, after all. 
And I wouldn't want that either.
Because you are the greatest love I will ever have. 
Yours Truly,
Mary Anne
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