Hi, I’m Mary Anne, fellow human, writer, artist, social worker, and self-appointed pun queen.

Yours Truly, Mary Anne grew from writing love letters to my inner child and nurturing her sense of curiosity and creativity. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved writing and stationery, and combine nostalgic pieces from my past and words for the future to bring me back into the present. My hope is to normalize conversations about mental health through my products, which are full of reminders I need myself. 

I am a lifelong learner, and received my master’s in social work in 2023 to gain invaluable experiences as a mental health worker and learn skills that I’d also like to translate into my work here. My favorite part about this small business is being able to connect all my passions together while continuing this journey of lifelong healing and prioritizing mental health with amazing people like you. 

My designs, writing and products are inspired by the places we travel through our inner worlds, the destinations we dare dream about, and the people we connect with through this lifelong journey home to ourselves. The reminders you come across here are all something I needed to hear myself along the way, only discovered once I began to unpack what weighed me down.

My hopes for Yours Truly, Mary Anne

I strive to celebrate what it means to be human—mistakes, fears, joys and all, and invite curiosity to uncover the beautiful parts of what makes us who we are.

I know that this journey can get uncomfortable at times, and continually showing up for yourself takes courage. I am here to offer you compassion (and hopefully a few laughs to lift your spirits) during this time we have crossed paths. 

Come, join me and stay for as long as you need. There are so many adventures and laughs we have yet to experience.  

P.S. You are amazing!