Hello friend, a few words for you before your journey.

Hello Friend,
I am here to celebrate you.
I see all that work you've been putting in
and I want to recognize you for it
and acknowledge your achievements since then.
From bursting your own bubble,
to challenging your negative thoughts,
unlearning negative behaviors,
and rewiring your brain to create new habits.
It is abso-fucking-lutely amazing.
I am in awe of you and everything you have done.
Something in you just knew that enough was enough.
You're tired of being met with the same results,
through the same actions,
within the same environment.
Your curiosity led you here, and I hope you learn
to take that back as easily as it came to you as a child.
Before your ideas were shut down by your adults and peers
or clouded by how society says you should be placed into that box.
You decided there was no more room left for you within those 4 walls.
You chose to pick yourself back out of there into this space.
You are the single most important person in your life.
You can become all that you needed when you were younger.
You can open yourself up to all the possibilities and opportunities that were meant for you.
It all starts with you.
I know it's not easy being here, out of your comfort zone.
Grieving the past you that once was, while at the same time,
being excited for what's in store for the future you.
and to that, I want to celebrate you.
You are fucking killing it!
One step at a time.
One moment.
One breath.
It all adds up, to that one, badass you.
So here's to you.
You are showing up for yourself,
finding ways to show yourself grace, compassion, and love.
I want to commend you on your courage,
and acknowledge your accomplishments
no matter how small the feat.
This is your celebration of life and what it means to be human.
Especially on your worst days, when it may have taken all the strength in you
to get out of bed even just once.
Exploring what you need, asking for help...
That is the truest form of courage. every. single. day.
Thank you for making it this far.
and when you're ready
I'm here for you.
P.S. you are amazing :)
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