Dear Plant Lover, here's a pep talk from your plants.

Dear Plant Lover,

Since my new journey of becoming a plant mama, I've witnessed a lot of growth with my plants and within myself. I have actually seen improvements to my overall mental health from just having plants in my life. I mean, talk about the ultimate, living, self-care reminder imperfectly potted into a cute vase! Here are the 5 ways plants have improved my mental health, and hopefully can with yours too.

1. They Boost Your Mood and Your Productivity

During this pandemic, you're probably spending way more time at home than you're used to. So why not create a space you actually look forward to be in every day with the help of plants? You can connect with nature from the comfort of your own home, it's more welcoming, facilitates creativity, and improves the overall air quality of your space.

If you can't afford to bring home a plant right this second, try this Monstera Leaf Sticker or Palm Leaf instead, they can easily bring a small amount of green into your space. 

2. They Remind You to Embrace Impermanence

A fact that is even more apparent now with this pandemic, is that the only constant thing in life is change. Plants are no exception to this rule, as they start from seeds and grow or reproduce, some only making an appearance during certain seasons.

Just as your plants may go dormant for a season in order to survive, you need to give yourself a break and rest as well. Without rest and the ability to recharge, growth is impossible. 

3. They Teach You Patience

Okay, so you won't become an expert at caring for plants on your first try, or even your second, or third... (Yeah, I've killed a few in my lifetime.) But it takes time and plenty of patience with both the plant and yourself. Take the time figure out what kind of plants fit the environment you live in and do some research on how to care for them. Then give your plants what they need, whether it's water, light, or a cooler environment, and make sure to keep it consistent. 

As for yourself, have patience, equip yourself with the proper nutrients, and keep showing up for yourself every day. You efforts will be rewarded and it will be well worth it. Everything will be okay.

4. They Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Just looking at plants allows you to live in the present moment and engage in some of your senses. Seeing those vibrant shades of green, hearing the sound of the water as it flows into the soil, or smelling the scent of a flower that's just bloomed. The mindful activity of playing with the soil and repotting a plant can also help keep you grounded. 

5. They Remind You to Trim the Toxicity

With a plant, you would remove any leaves that are dead and therefore no longer contributing to its overall growth. Leaving them on could be more detrimental to your plant, since it could spread any potential diseases or pests, or just take nutrients away from the healthy remains. Removing these dead leaves would allow more nutrients to go to the right places, encourages new growth, and just improves its overall appearance.

So let go of what no longer serves you so that you can focus your energy on what actually does. Shed that mental weight that's been slowing or dragging you down, and keep going, keep growing.

Let's fuckin' grow!


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