Market Schedule

Yours Truly, Mary Anne pops up at markets all around the Bay Area, CA. 
Stop by and say hi!
I love getting to chat, laugh and even cry with you beautiful humans while we enjoy some pun, curse words and all the mental health things.
All events are free unless stated otherwise. Hope to see you soon!
5.20.23  SJMADE Fest 2023
5.21.23 SJMADE Fest 2023
6.9.23 FoodieLand San Jose
6.10.23  FoodieLand San Jose
6.11.23 FoodieLand San Jose
6.15.23 Gordon Biersch Night Market, San Jose
6.30.23 FoodieLand San Mateo
7.1.23 FoodieLand San Mateo
7.2.23 FoodieLand San Mateo
7.13.23 Gordon Biersch Night Market, San Jose
8.4.23 FoodieLand Berkeley
8.5.23 FoodieLand Berkeley
8.6.23 FoodieLand Berkeley
8.17.23 Gordon Biersch Night Market, San Jose
8.31.23 Gordon Biersch Night Market, San Jose
9.8.23  FoodieLand San Jose
9.9.23  FoodieLand San Jose
9.10.23  FoodieLand San Jose
10.6.23  FoodieLand Berkeley
10.7.23  FoodieLand Berkeley
10.8.23  FoodieLand Berkeley
11.24.23 SJMade Holiday Fair
11.25.23 SJMade Holiday Fair